Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lawton Park Neighborhood of Magnolia

Yesterday, my husband and I took a 6.5 mile through the streets of the Lawton Park neighborhood of Magnolia. We walked streets from Discovery Park to 21st Avenue W between Salmon Bay and W Elmore Street.

The area around Fishermen’s Terminal is industrial with lots of fishing boats and marine supply companies. Walking along Commodore Way, we passed Salmon Bay Marina, lots of marine supply companies, a few printing companies, a trailer for a “Tunnel Rescue Team” and Vertical World Climbing Gym (we stopped in and were very impressed – maybe, if we were 30 years younger, we’d join).

At the end of the industrial area, we came to apartments, Lockhaven Marina and the lovely Commodore Park where we looked at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and read about the Osprey Nesting Platform being erected in Commodore Park.

Further along Commodore Way, we came to single family homes and then reached Discovery Park. We walked back to W 36th (going around the Army Reserve buildings) and wound our way through the many dead end streets that surround the Kiwanis Ravine (a blue heron rookery).

There is a commercial area where West Government Way intersects 32nd and Gilman Avenue W. It seems to have a number of dry cleaners, nails shops, yoga studios and beauty salons.

Walking north on Gay Street, we crossed a bridge over the railroad tracks and continued back to Commodore which we walked to 27th where we picked up Gilman Place W to Elmore and 21st. We noted a sign for the Pacific Coast Bike Route and a really interesting building.

A great walk with lots to see.

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