Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The first full day of Spring turned out to be a perfect day to enjoy views of Lake Washington and the Cascades from the Denny-Blaine neighborhood. My husband and I took a 3.9 mile stroll along streets between Hillside Drive E and the lake from E Highline Drive to Viretta Park.

This is a neighborhood of beautiful homes, manicured streets and spectacular views.

This neighborhood is home to the Seattle Tennis Club, Denny-Blaine Park (40th Avenue just north of the park and lovely homes and carriage houses),

Viretta Park and Lakeview Park (where a sight-seeing bus had stopped to admire the view). Lake Washington Boulevard runs through Lakeview Park and has some blind curves so we took the pedestrian staircase to get from McGilvra Blvd to Hillside Dr.

We saw lots of people out running, a dog walker, craftspeople working on home building/remodeling, palm trees and signs reminding us we were on the Lake Washington Loop.

We found public shore access at 39th and Harrison.

We saw a bench and a dog's water bowl in a parking strip.

A wonderful walk on a beautiful Seattle day.

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