Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adams Neighborhood of Ballard

A chore took us to Ballard today so my husband and I took a 4.5 mile walk filling in streets in the Adams Neighborhood that I had not already walked. We strolled along streets between NW 56th, Shilshole Avenue NW and 14th Avenue NW.

I am always amazed how industrial much of this neighborhood is but today I was also amazed by the number and size of the newer housing complexes. This is still an area where you can see older, single family homes surrounded by multiplexes and industrial sites.

This area is home to the Ballard Campus of Swedish Hospital and Bergen Place with its nordic flags and mural.

We passed a number of Irish bars (Conor Byrne's,

and the Old Pequliar),

the El Taco Loco food truck, a number of car dealerships, marine products warehouses,

a Henry mural,

NW Peaks Brewery, Trader Joe's,

the 2 Bit Saloon (with its mural)

and Walt's Organic fertilizer Company (with beautiful daffodils in its parking strip).

We saw art work on the Ballard Bridge and in a house's front yard,

a large hole in the ground which may become a 5 story building with retail, office space and 262 parking spots (but which now looks like home to a few geese)

and a sign cautioning us to "Look out for forklift."

A neighborhood of density and diversity.

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