Thursday, March 1, 2012

Loyal Heights

Today's weather forecast was dreary but the sun was shining as my husband and I took a 5.9 mile walk in the Loyal Heights neighborhood. We walked streets between Jones and 15th Avenues NW from NW 75th to NW 83rd Street.

This a tidy, fairly flat neighborhood with sidewalks and curbs. Alleys run in back of most houses and utility poles are located in the alleys. Looking south, we had views of the Ship Canal. We did not too many tall trees.

15th is commercial with a Safeway gas station, Morgan's Electrical and Plumbing, the Original Pancake House,

Tienda La Bahia,

Crown Hill Hardware (with a mural on its 80th Street side), a donut shop, Sands Showgirls, Tess's Boutique Consignment Shop, Ballard Pediatric Clinic and a photo-enforced red light (watch out drivers).

80th is a busy street but residential. The rest of the streets were quiet but we did see quite a few people out walking, especially near the community center. We saw a number of young women pushing strollers, a dog walker and one bicyclist.

This area is home to Loyal Heights Community Center

and Playfield,

Northwest Christian Church (pictured in a prior posting) and the Vine Baptist Church.

We passed a mailbox (on the corner of 83rd and 19th), a "No Golfing" sign, quite a few "I'm RainWise" signs,

a really old stove on a porch,

a porch swing,

a tree swing and a few palm trees (this keeps the streak going; we have seen palms on every walk since our Fremont walk on February 11th).

It was nice to see people out enjoying their neighborhood.


  1. Peggy,

    Don't know if you noticed the barbershop at 77th and 15th NE, but that building was the the clinic for my Dad's podiatry practice from the 1950's until the 1990's. If you were to mention Dr. Jim Anderson to any of the Ballard "old timers" they'd most likely remember him.

    Art Marriott

  2. Hi Art, I'll be going back to walk the streets south and east of 77th and 15th NW and will look then. Thanks for the information. Peggy