Friday, March 23, 2012

Northwest Mid Beacon Hill

Tucked between I-5 and Jefferson Park is the tidy little section of Mid Beacon Hill where a friend and I took today's 8 mile walk. We walked streets between I-5 and 16th Avenue S from S Spokane to S Snoqualmie Street.

We walked along tailored streets admiring well-kept homes and gardens (including quite a few palm trees).

We had views of the Port of Seattle and industrial areas.

Dead end streets brought us to ravines, interesting architecture and other finds.

Spring Hill Village (between 14th and 15th) combines new and remodeled homes.

This would be an idyllic are if it were not for the noise from I-5 and the large electric transmission towers. The areas around the towers do add to the green space and a P-Patch is located on part of this space.

15th and S Columbian Way overlap for a few blocks and both are busy streets. They have a commercial section around S Oregon Street where we spotted MacPherson's Fruit & Produce Market (and stopped to shop) and a few storefronts

which included a church named The Church (which, most likely, is Beacon Hill Church of the Nazarene).

We went to this neighborhood looking for the Food Forest we had read about and did find a sign for a new P-Patch Community Garden near 15th and Dakota.

This area borders on Maplewood Playfield and Jefferson Playfield and Greenhouse. According to the Parks Department website, the greenhouse supplies the parks and other city landscaping; "Jefferson Greenhouse grows approximately 200,000 to 250,000 annuals and perennials, and orders over 30,000 bulb plants every year."

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