Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lawton Park Neighborhood of Magnolia

Today's 4.8 mile walk in the Lawton Park neighborhood made me realize that Magnolia is a lot more diverse than I had thought. My husband and I walked streets from 29th to 36th Avenue W between W Government Way and W Emerson Street.

34th and W Government Way are busy streets with a few shops and lots of multiple family dwellings (probably apartments and condos). Single family homes are mostly modest and in various states of repair but most streets have sidewalks and curbs and feel neat. There are quite a few alley ways which appear to help the parking situation. It looks as if quite a few older homes have been replaced with newer, larger homes.

We saw a Thriftway on 34th and were warned to 'reduce our carbon hoof print' as we passed Bill the Butcher's.

It really helps to have a good map when walking in this area; there are quite a few diagonal and dead end streets and we kept running into a ravine with some type of pipe running through it.

We saw palm trees, a sign for the 'walking school bus', Church 51, staircases and a few gardens which made us feel that Spring is really here.


  1. I'm assuming you are correct in calling this Lawton Park. I've lived here a long time and never before heard it called that. There is Lawton Wood over near the ship canal, of course. But I guess there is no good reason not to call it Lawton Park. Fine with me.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I'd really like to know what residents call this area. When I am not familiar with a neighborhood, I have started using the Seattle City Clerk's map ( to determine a name. My earlier walks were near my home and I tended to use names I was familiar with (they probably don't correspond to the City Clerk's names).