Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seward Park

My husband and I took some friends to the airport this morning so, on the way home, we stopped off in the Seward Park neighborhood to complete a walk we had started weeks ago. We were able to complete the east/west streets we had missed before our 3.2 mile walk was cut short by rain. We walked streets from S Snoqualmie to S Dakota between 43rd and 51st Avenues S.

50th and Genesee are large streets and there is a small commercial area at their intersection (pictured in a prior post). The rest of the streets are residential. Most homes are well kept (especially closer to the lake) and there are some lovely streets and gardens.

This area is dominated by views of Lake Washington and Genesee Park, Playfields and Off Leash Area.

We spotted some pretty large Easter eggs, staircases, palm trees and a tiled retaining wall.


  1. Seward Park is very nice one of my friend went there he told me abt that park. homes are well closer to the lake and views are really nice.

  2. Thank you for this comment. I had been to Seward Park many times before starting this blog and I agree with you. I'll be happy to return there for more walks.