Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Broadway Neighborhood of Capitol Hill

I had lots of chores and appointments downtown and on First Hill today so I walked 8.5 miles but, because I'd already walked most of the streets, I'm only counting 2.5 miles towards my goal. New streets included those between E Pike Street and E Denny Way from I-5 to Boylston Avenue.

This area is a good mix of residential and commercial with lots of multifamily dwellings and a few older homes mixed in.

I passed the intersection of E Olive Way and E Olive Place.

I saw a utility pole covered with flyers,

some ornate grillwork,

lovely older buildings,

a palm tree across the street from

the Melrose Market and an imaginative mural on the side of a building. Up on First Hill, I spotted a similar mural on the side of the Virginia Mason Lindeman Pavilion and admired spring gardens at Exeter House and Freeway Park.

The streets were bustling with people and this was another good walk (even though I got really wet).

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