Sunday, April 22, 2012

Madrona and Leschi

A warm and sunny day called for a walk near the water so my husband and I got a real workout today on our 4.7 mile hike in the hills of Madrona and Leschi. We walked streets from E Terrace to E Olive between 37th Avenue E and Lake Washington. We spotted lots of steep staircases and climbed a few. We saw paths that were designated as streets.

We hiked in Madrona Park where we enjoyed "another future urban forest" and views of Lake Washington and met other hikers who directed us to

the Leschi Natural Area where we found a trail and had even more spectacular views.

Walking down to the lake, we saw the north end of Leschi Marina and Mount Rainier.

Walking north along the lake, we came to the beach side of Madrona Park and spotted bathers, the Madrona Bathhouse (home of the Spectrum Dance Theater), and Avery Smokey Point BBQ.

Along the way, we spotted beautiful homes

tidy streets (many with lake views)

a pole wishing for peace on earth

and writing on the sidewalk that announced the arrival of spring.

Another wonderful walk.

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