Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stevens Neighborhood of Capitol Hill (2 walks)

Yesterday's walk with a friend was cut short so my husband and I returned to the Stevens neighborhood of Capitol Hill today. The two walks along the streets west of (and in) the Arboretum totaled 7.4 miles. We walked streets between 23rd Avenue E and the Arboretum from E Mercer to E Galer Street.

23rd/24th is a busy street as is Lake Washington Blvd E through the Arboretum; Madison is commercial with lots of small shops and restaurants (including City People's Garden and Cafe Flora). The rest of the area is residential and quit hilly sloping steeply down from 23rd into Madison Valley.

We saw lovely shaded streets, views across the valley of Lake Washington and the Cascades, cobble stone streets,

large gardens,

the Dome of Holy Names Academy (to the west),

what looked like a commercial kitchen (with a sign the said 'the promised land'),

a Park's Department facility,

fancy chicken coop,

palm trees,

a large stormwater project underway along Madison,

a pizza oven,

a sign for a work party at Alder Creek,

a colorfully tiled entryway to a home and a living fence.

The batteries in my camera died so I didn't get any pictures of the work party on the Arboretum or the Japanese Garden - reasons to return.

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