Thursday, April 19, 2012

Phinney Ridge

I got a real workout today as I walked 5.1 miles up and down the hills of Phinney Ridge. I walked streets from 3rd Avenue NW to Phinney Avenue N between 48th and 55th Streets plus a few extra blocks along N Market Street. Looking west to Ballard, I was once again amazed at the amount of industry in that neighborhood.

Phinney is a busy street that borders on the zoo (and its water tower); Market Street is busy too. 3rd Avenue NW was not busy at this time of day (late morning). The rest of the streets are residential with lovely older homes and, here and there, a newer home that fits in well.

I saw well-loved parking strips, palm trees, yard art and stairways.

This neighborhood is home to the Norse Home (and its decorated bus shelter),

and quite a few triangular plots.

Views of the Olympics kept popping up and, even though rain threatened, this was another great walk in another Seattle neighborhood with personality.

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  1. Nice pictures. This was my paper route during the late 80s. You even showed my old house at 5116 Greenwood Ave North. Haven't been there in decades. Thanks.