Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Portage Bay Neighborhood

Sandwiched between I-5, 520, the University Bridge and Portage Bay is the Portage Bay neighborhood. Today, my husband and I took a 4.8 mile walk in this area which covered all but a few of the streets.

We saw lots of staircases, some leading down to houseboats on the bay.

Houses, streets and views are impressive and this must have been an idyllic area before the roads and bridges cut it off from Capitol Hill and introduced the never-ceasing traffic noise.

I spotted a different type of bike route marker painted in the street.

This area is home to St. Patrick's Catholic Church,

the well-tended Roanoke Park,

the Canal Market and the Queen City Yacht Club.

I will be happy to return to this area to finish those last few streets.

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