Friday, April 27, 2012

Sand Point

A Friends of the Library book sale brought me to Magnuson Park today and made me realize that there are streets and housing inside the park so I took a 5.5 mile walk attempting to cover the streets that I had missed when walking in the surrounding neighborhoods. I walked streets I had missed between Sand Point Way NE and Lake Washington from about NE 61st NE 80th Street.

This is a beautiful area inside the park. Housing is clustered along 62nd Ave NE, near the southwestern edge of the park. This area is home to the Solid Ground's Santos Place

and Brettler Family Place.

It looks as if some of the barracks have been renovated and a playground built

but most of the old barracks are boarded up.

It looked as if some of the old officers' housing was in use.

Further north along 62nd, are the Magnuson Community Center

and the Seattle Musical Theater.

Walking east on 65th Street, I passed the Western Fisheries Research Center, federally protected wetlands

and Lake Washington.

I walked north and came to Fin Art and the Off-Leash Area.

North of 74th Street, I passed the Mountaineers native plant garden, practice area and climbing wall,

lots of UW and Harborview storage facilities, Sail Seattle, Magnuson Athletic Club and the Seattle Conservation Corps.

Circling back to 74th, I  passed the Center for Pediatric Dentistry,

the Freedom Tree (honoring POWs and MIAs)

and a sign for Concrete Canoe Car Parking.

This walk may not have been as scenic as a walk along the lake shore would have been but it was interesting.


  1. Thanks for this nice write up of Sand Point! I wanted to add some additional information about the housing:

    Santos Place, your first photo, houses single men and women in transitional housing, where they are getting support services to get ready for permanent housing.

    Brettler Family Place, owned and operated by Solid Ground (2nd photo down)is permanent, affordable housing with support services for formerly homeless families.

    The renovated barracks (3rd photo from top) contain 26 transitional housing units, owned and operated by Solid Ground. These facilities offer case management and other support services to get families ready for permanent housing.

    The three old officers homes (5th photo down) are currently owned by Solid Ground and operated by YouthCare and Friends of Youth as transitional living group homes for youth.

    All of this housing was established under the Master Reuse Plan for Naval Station Puget Sound. Later this year, Solid Ground will begin construction on the final phase of housing at Sand Point, which will include a building to the east of Brettler Family Place (20 units of family housing) and a building between the renovated brick barracks and the boarded up brick barracks along Sand Point Way that will contain 34 units of housing for families and singles, including former vets. When the new construction is complete, we will realize the promise of 200 homes for formerly homeless people set out in the Reuse Plan!

    ~Mike Buchman
    Communications Manager
    Solid Ground

    1. Thank you for this information, Mike, it is always interesting to find out what I've actually seen on my walks. Some neighborhoods are well documented, others are not. Getting information from someone directly involved in a project is wonderful, especially a project as important as this one. Good luck with this and future efforts.