Wednesday, May 2, 2012

West Woodland Neighborhood of Ballard

Today's walk took me to a neighborhood, I've heard jokingly referred to Freelard (FremontBallard) and lovingly referred to as Balmont (BallardFremont) but the City Clerk's Office calls West Woodland.

I walked streets between 3rd and 8th Avenues NW from NW 45th to 58th Street. 3rd, 8th and Market (55th) are busy streets but the rest are quiet and mostly residential.

The streets slope down steeply from 3rd to 6th and 3rd offers great views of Ballard and all the building going on there.

Homes are mostly modest in size and well kept (a few needed a paint job) and many gardens and parking strips are lovingly tended.

This area is home to West Woodland Elementary,

24 Seven Ministry

and the Seattle City Light Canal substation whose fence is partially covered with clematis vines

 and which is landscaped with some whimsical sculptures.

I climbed a staircase where Market Street was much higher than the streets to its west 

and spotted a Henry mural,

a few chicken coops, palm trees,

garden art animals, 

Le Gourmand Restaurant, Veraci Pizza, Sun Cafe and Sambar with its quiet patio. 

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