Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adams Neighborhood of Ballard

Today's 3.5 mile walk through the Adams Neighborhood of Ballard was an easy one, short and along level streets. My husband and I walked streets from NW 59th to 65th Street between 20th and 28th Avenues NW.

24th and 65th are fairly busy but the rest of the streets were quiet on this Sunday afternoon.

This area is dominated by Adams Elementary School

and the Ballard Community Center

and playground.

Homes are mostly modest and neat and streets are tidy.

This area is home to a Boys and Girls Club,

Ballard Baptist Church (probably once named Swedish Baptist Church),
Grace Gospel Chapel as well as Ballard First Lutheran and Trinity United Methodist (pictured in a prior post).

We passed an impressive tree house

and the Copper Gate (a Scandinavian small plate restaurant).

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