Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunset Hill

Today's walk took me to Sunset Hill for a 6.9 mile walk along streets I had missed from NW 61st to 85th Street between 30th and 36th Avenues NW.

This is a quiet, tidy, residential area with sidewalks and curbs and great views of the sound.

This area does not have many tall trees but it has some lovely gardens and parking strips.

I met people out jogging, pushing strollers, working in gardens and on houses. One friendly woman thought I was lost and offered to help. She told me that she walks up hills backward to strengthen her muscles and help her sciatica. I tried walking up one of the hills backwards with her and it did feel as if I were using different muscles but I didn't like not being able to see where I was going (I kept turning my head).

I passed Sunset Hill Park (pictured in a prior post), lots of weather vanes, palm trees, sidewalk tiles that read "10. Ave." even though I was on 36th Avenue (I wonder if it were left over from the days when Ballard was a separate city),

a beautiful older house being renovated,

an interesting tree skirt,

a notice of a desire to demolish a building at 64th and 32nd and erect a 14 unit building,

Picolino's (restaurant/bar/pizzeria/cafe/bakery/deli) is at 65th and 32nd and has a nice outdoor eating space. There are other shops across the street (cafe, ice cream, video) and the Sunset Hill Green Market is down the street.

Cafe Fiori and Cocina Esperanza are at Loyal Way and 32nd. with great views, cafes and a park, this neighborhood has a lot to offer.

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