Saturday, May 26, 2012

North Beach/Blue Ridge

The weather was clear today with a slight breeze, perfect conditions for a walk in the North Beach/Blue Ridge neighborhood. My husband and I took a 4.9 mile walk along the streets from NW 85 to 96th Street between View and 27th Avenues NW.

This is a residential area with no sidewalks or curbs but gardens and street edges are well tended and the area has a "neat" look.

Spectacular Sound views, ravines and dead end streets dominate this area east of Golden Gardens.

The neighborhood is quiet but we did see a few people out gardening, two women pushing a stroller and a number of people out playing with their dogs.

We saw a shady bus stop with a rustic bench, 

yard art,

a North Beach sign

and gardens.

A good neighborhood for my 275th walk.

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