Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Broadway Neighborhood of Capitol Hill and Downtown

Chores brought me downtown so I added on a walk in the Broadway neighborhood.

 Yesterday, I walked 8.3 miles around downtown and along the north/south streets from Mercer to Olive between I-5 and Harvard.

I saw performance art at Westlake Mall,

staircases and views of Lake Union and the Space Needle (with its 50th anniversary gold paint job) from Melrose.

The western portion of this neighborhood has lots of large apartments and condos but the eastern portion has tree-lined streets.

It was a warm and sunny day and every green patch attracted sunbathers.

This area has some lovely older apartment building, a few single family homes and some surprising traffic circle plantings and gardens.

Olive is a busy street with lots of shops and restaurants

  and there are corner stores scattered throughout the rest of the area.

This area is home to Tashkent

and Summit Slope (with its thriving P-Patch) Parks

and the Capitol Hill branch of the Seattle Public Library.

It borders on Cornish College of the Arts, the Harvard Exit Theater and shops and restaurants pictured in a prior post.

I spotted a mural on the side of an art gallery by a coffee shop and, even though I had to cut my work short before I could walk the east/west streets, it was another great Seattle walk.

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