Friday, June 1, 2012

Adams Neighborhood of Ballard

Today's 7.7 mile walk in the Adams neighborhood of Ballard brought home to me just how diverse this area is. I started near NW 65th Street and 15th Avenue NW and walked south.

15th is a busy avenue but the side streets near 65th are quiet and tree lined with many single family homes.  It appeared that some of the older homes have new houses in what were probably once back yards.

I even saw a few houses that had been converted to multiplexes. This house is a triplex and the 'for sale' sign listed the asking prices which totaled over a million dollars!

The closer I came to Market Street, the more large apartments and condos I saw. There is some nice looking senior housing around Market street, including Schwabacher House, Ballard Manor and Sunrise Manor.

Crossing Market, I entered an area with many medical facilities (including Swedish Hospital - pictured in an earlier post). Then I came to the old section of Ballard whose atmospheric, tree-lined, red brick streets are home to many restaurants, cafes, bars and shops.

Finally, I arrived at the industrial area adjacent to Salmon Bay.

Along the way, I saw old streets names tiled in the sidewalk, a large sail boat in a side yard, Cafe Mox (a game parlor), the Ballard Post Office, lots of 'no parking' signs getting ready for the Second Ascent Ballard Criterium (tomorrow afternoon and evening), a Henry mural,

the Boys and Girls Club with its Boeing Mariners Care athletic field, the Ballard Food Bank and a Little Free Library at 62nd between 15th and 17th.

This area is home to Ballard Corners Park (with its wonderful history of the role of corner stores),

Marvin's Garden Park,

Ballard Baptist Church,

Interfaith Community Church,

First Slavic Full Gospel Church

 and David and Ron's Big House in Ballard (which was probably once a church but is now for sale).

This is an area well worth a return walk.

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