Thursday, June 7, 2012

West and Lower Queen Anne

A trip to Seattle Center brought my husband and me to Queen Anne today so we took a 6 mile walk along the streets of West and Lower Queen Anne. We walked streets from Aloha to Galer between Queen Anne  to 7th Avenue W.

Galer and the north end of Queen Anne Avenue have shops and there are many apartments and condos along Queen Anne Avenue but most streets have large single family homes.

This is an expensive looking area of lovely homes,

steep hills,


spectacular views

and a surprising number of parks (or maybe segments of the same park), including the Bayview-Kinnear Play Area,

Franklin Place,

Kerry Park Viewpoint,

Marshall Park

and the lovely Parsons Memorial Gardens.

This area is home to Saint Anne Catholic Church

 and school,

Queen Anne Christian Church,

a tree with a unique protective covering

 and great views of the Space Needle.

I will be happy to return to Queen Anne to discover other areas of this neighborhood.

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