Friday, June 8, 2012

North Beach/Blue Ridge

Today's 7.9 mile walk filled in a missing section of the North Beach/Blue Ridge neighborhood. It included a few streets in Sunset Hill and Loyal Heights (i.e. south of 85th) too since I walked streets between 83rd and 95th Streets from 24th to 29th Avenue NW. 85th is a busy street and 28th is the main north/south street into this area built around ravines. This is a quiet, residential neighborhood of dead end streets,


and sound views.

As I had noted before, streets south of 85th have sidewalks and curbs, those north of 85th do not.

This area is home to North Beach Elementary School, the Ballard P-Patch and Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church (all pictured in prior posts).

I skipped a private dead end street off 92nd just east of 28th and only walked part way down the northern portion of that street because I heard and spotted a dog guarding the street.

I noted a spot where the overhead utilities wires suddenly went underground,

an entry to Fletcher's Village,

numerous signs for the North Beach Park & Natural Area

and a tree set up for playing.

All in all, a very nice walk.

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