Saturday, June 16, 2012

West Woodland, Fremont and the Solstice Parade

I had my camera today as my husband and I went to the West Woodland and Fremont neighborhoods to walk the last remaining streets in the north end and to attend the Fremont Parade which was taking place nearby.

We walked 3.8 miles along the streets from 3rd to 9th Avenue NW between 49th and 35th Streets.

The streets I had not already walked were mostly industrial or commercial and reflected the area's maritime origins.

The Burke Gilman Trail runs through this area and it is home to a large Fred Meyer Store, Hales Brew Pub, CrossFit Seattle, Albert Lee Appliances

 and Emerald City Gardens.

We passed robots for sale,

a Henry mural,

The Moisture Festival venue,

a yellow brick road outside Hales

and signs for $20 parking

and next week's Ballard Edible Garden Tour.

Our walk was fine but the Solstice Parade was the highlight of the day. It was preceded by what looked like about 1,000 body painted bicyclists.

The parade itself included lots of walkers on stilts,


a sea monster made from plastic bags and bottles,

some great costumes,


and drill teams.

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