Monday, June 11, 2012

Fremont, East Queen Anne, Aurora & Fremont Bridges

Today's 5.5 mile walk encompassed streets in Fremonts and East Queen Anne but was really a walk across the Aurora and Fremont Bridges. I filled in Fremont streets I had not already walked from 39th to the ship canal between Fremont and Stone Way as well as a few streets east of Aurora in East Queen Anne.

The streets near the Aurora Bridge in Fremont were mostly residential and I saw more vegetation than I had expected.

The views from the bridge were great and I could see Gas Works Park, houseboats, marinas, the downtown skyline, Mount Rainier and the Cascades.

The streets I walked in East Queen Anne were hilly and lined with apartments and condos. I passed Thomas C. Wales Park,

Canlis Restaurant

and what was probably its herb garden.

Returning by the Fremont Bridge, I was warned to set my watch 5 minutes ahead, saw Adobe headquarters,

a staircase next to the Troll which I climbed to get back up to Aurora,

Fire Station 9

and a Henry mural dedicated to Michael Murphy

I was lucky to be able to walk across these two bridges while traffic was relatively light and I really enjoyed the sights.


  1. I have enjoyed reading a number of your posts over the past few months since I first came upon your blog. You have set yourself a mighty ambitious goal of course, but your progress is commendable - and your entertaining accounts are great and inspiring.

    I'm checking in on this occasion to observe coincidences that you walked my North Beach neighborhood Friday and that we must have come close to crossing paths yesterday. I don't do anywhere near as much walking as you do, but it is my most common lunch hour therapy, although in my case with an emphasis on fewer streets and more trails and wildness (such as they are in the city).

    I jumped off the route 28 yesterday mid-day at the apex of Dexter, devoted 10 minutes or so to multiple circuits of Wales park, always soothing, then made my way to the primitive path angling steeply up the NE flank of Queen Anne, popping out at a small overlook at the eastern terminus of Crockett. From there I maximized use of green belts, savoring birdsong but spurning tentsites, traversing the eastern flank of QA until re-emerging at the pea patch on Taylor North.

    From there it was figuratively and literally downhill, south on Taylor to catch a bus back to work.

    1. Thanks for the comment; I should spend more time enjoying the green spaces Seattle has to offer. At least, when I finish my walks, I'll know where all the parks and public lands are located and can return without maps or pedometers and really concentrate on enjoying where I am.

      Good luck with your lunch time walks.