Thursday, June 21, 2012

Southeast Magnolia

Today, I returned to Southeast Magnolia with intentions of taking the photos I had missed during my last walk in this neighborhood. I walked 7.9 miles on adjoining streets but tripped and fell before taking the photos so I will have to take them on another walk in the area. Today, I walked streets from 24th and 31st Avenues W between Darvus to McGraw.

This is a hilly, residential area of neat homes on tidy streets with sidewalks and curbs. Dravus and 28th are the busiest streets and homes got grander the higher up the hill I climbed.

There are quite a few staircases and dead end streets.

A few of the Avenues have median strips with one side of the avenue much higher than the other.

The area has great views of Mount Rainier and Puget Sound.

This area is home to Magnolia Presbyterian Church,

the old Magnolia School, which appears to have been closed but, given all the young children I saw in the parks, I wonder if some young parents wish it were open - a Magnolia blog indicates that squatters have been an issue and encourages the school district to sell the property or maintain it),

and Ella Bailey Park behind it (with great views)

 and Bay View Park.

I saw hillsides that reminded me of San Francisco (but with trees and unattached houses),

tailored parking strips,

yard art

and a sidewalk noting that Mollie and Marah were here.

Except for my fall, it was a pleasant walk.

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