Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lawton Park and Southeast Magnolia

I forgot my camera so there are no pictures from today's 8.6 mile walk in the Lawton Parkand Southeast Magnolia neighborhoods. I walked streets between 20th and 24th Avenues W from Thurman to McGraw.

This neighborhood borders on Interbay and the Burlington Northern railroad tracks. The area near the tracks is industrial but it's amazing how quickly it changes to residential. The streets near Gilman, 20th and Thorndyke look to have once been home to modest single family homes but now they appear to be in the process of being replaced with condos and apartments.

The homes got more affluent looking the further west I walked and the gardens and parking strips looked more loved.

I hope to return and get pictures of Mulleady's Irish Pub,

Tower Memorial Church,

the Boxcar Alehouse,

the Blue Heron Cafe,


the Terminal 91 bike trail,

an old hydroplane,

a unique greenhouse and the great views near Bayview Playground.

This is a varied, hilly area and I got a real workout.

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