Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Capitol Hill Stevens and Central District Mann Neighborhoods

Today, I returned to Madison Valley to finish off some Capitol Hill and Central District streets. I walked 6.4 miles along streets between E Denny and Aloha from 21st Ave E to Marin Luther King Jr Way E.

23rd is a busy street. Madison is also busy with multiple-family dwellings and a nice commercial stretch with lots of shops, cafes and restaurants (including quite a few French restaurants). Avenues are fairly flat but the streets slope down towards Martin Luther King Jr Way and some are quite steep.

Older homes are being replaced by new multiplexes but there are still quite a few lovely single family homes with large gardens. The area has sidewalks and curbs, some are tree-lined and peaceful. Most homes are well-kept but a few are not. Streets east of Madison with smaller, older homes feel more comfortable than prosperous but the overall feeling is one of gentrification and new construction looks well-built and pricey.

I passed staircases, palm trees, retaining walls,

a "Highway to Hell - Keep Out" sign

and a sign cautioning me that stinging insects were about.

This area is home to Holy Names Academy (the back side is pictured here - other views are in earlier posts),

This is a vibrant area with some great gardens.

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