Monday, April 2, 2012

Crown Hill, Loyal Heights and Olympic Manor

Today's 8.2 mile walk took me to three neighborhoods and it was really evident where one neighborhood ended and the next began. I walked streets between 15th Avenue/Holman Road and 25th Avenue NW from NW 83rd to 91st Street.

The area south of 85th is Loyal Heights; it has sidewalks, curbs and cement streets with no pot holes. It has neat single family homes and gardens. Even its alleys and the old survey marker I spotted were neat.

85th is a busy street and is home to Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church and Zen Dog StudioTea House Gallery (I wonder what Tea Dating is.).

The area between 20th and 24th Avenues NW is Olympic Manor; it also is neat and tidy and, I suspect, there are many restrictions regarding heights of trees and parking of cars.

At 24th and 90th, I spotted North Beach Elementary. Across 24th is the North Beach Park and Natural area (another ravine), Olympic Terrace (with houses built right up to the ravine) and the Ballard P-Patch with accommodations for gardeners who are mobility challenged.

Between 15th and 20th Avenue is Crown Hill and it looks as if no building codes existed when it was developed. It has neither sidewalks nor curbs but does have quite a few pot holes and could really use some street edge alternatives. Alleys looked like country roads and some of the streets were quite narrow. This area, however, was where most of my walk discoveries reside. I spotted an old fuel pump and the Crown Hill Natural Area.

The Crown Hill Lutheran Church is now home to the Bethel Ethiopian Church of Seattle but the LYONS (Lutheran Youth of North Seattle) building is still there.

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