Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eastlake and Portage Bay

Today's sunshine was giving me an Easter feeling as my husband and I walked 4.8 miles in the Eastlake and Portage Bay neighborhoods. We took a circuitous route filling in streets north of Roanoke that I had missed on prior walks.

The two sides of I-5 are quite different. Portage Bay has more single family homes and a spacious feel dues to some steep hills, Portage Bay views and the green space supplied by Roanoke Park and a grassy hill where E Edgar Street stops and starts. We spotted an older building housing an Italian restaurant (it used to be Rapunzel's) near the University Bridge and a mailbox at Franklin and Fuhrman.

We walked a tidy, sheltered trail under I-5 and spotted what looked like a few campsites.

The Eastlake side is mostly apartments, condos (old

and new)

and house boats with commercial establishments along Eastlake Avenue E. This side has hills,

great Lake Union views,

and a P-Patch (where lots of people were out working).

We saw a tree decorated for Easter, a nicely engineered tree swing,

a street where most of the asphalt has worn off and the original cobblestones are still in good shape, staircases, public shore access

and cornerstones (with images of microorganisms found in Lake Union).

Eastlake is home to TOPS at Seward Public School,

and part of the Cheshiahud Loop.


  1. What was Rapunzel's? I only remember the Romio's there for the past several years...

  2. Rapunzel's was a tavern located in this building prior to Romio's; I don't remember if there were other businesses there in between the two. See this Department of Neighborhoods history page: