Monday, April 9, 2012


Today, I got to take part of my 6.9 mile Montlake walk in the Arboretum. I wasn't sure if I would be able to walk along Lake Washington Boulevard E because there are no sidewalks along this stretch. A trail runs parallel to this road and I shared it with joggers, dog walkers and a bicyclist. The Arboretum was beautiful and I'll be happy to return and complete the roads/trails that run through it.

My walk through the residential areas had me filling in missed streets from 19th to 26th Avenue E between Lynn and Lee. 24th is a busy street and Boyer has traffic also. The rest of the streets had little car traffic but lots of walkers, joggers and probably more bicyclists than I'd usually see in 100 walks. I did walk along the Lake Washington Loop; there were no bicycle lanes but we all shared the streets peacefully.

Along 24th, I passed East Gateway Park which looks to have been created from a corner lot. A little further along 24th, I saw a proposed land use action sign to erect a 3-story building with 24 units on another corner lot.

Streets on the east side of 24th are close to or abut the Arboretum. Streets are tree-lined and peaceful; some yards are large and some yards and streets run into the Arboretum, including Interlaken Boulevard.

Streets on the west side of 24th are hillier and a few are quite narrow but many are lovely. Homes go from modest to impressive and I was fascinated by the variety of the roofs.

I walked around the back of sides of St. Demetrios Church which covers much more property than I had thought.

I climbed a few staircases and spotted a large clock, a bunny house and meticulously landscaped sidewalk. Another great walk.

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  1. You were on one of Seattle's main biking routes--that's why you saw so many bikes!

    Your pastry and art loving biker-friend.