Monday, April 23, 2012

North Queen Anne

Today's North Queen Anne walk was another hilly one (although not as steep as yesterday's). I walked 5.4 miles along streets I had not already walked from W McGraw to W Bennett between 3rd and 10th Avenues W.

This neighborhood is dominated by Mount Pleasant Cemetery and, like the cemetery, it appeared peaceful and well tended. The streets bordering the cemetery are treelined and quiet. The west side has an interesting fence/hedge combination. It looked as if old laurels had been cut down to within about three feet of the ground and the cut branches inserted between the stumps to form a fence. Inside this fence, a new laurel hedge was growing.

Across the street from the north side of the cemetery, I saw a few industrial sites. One looked like an old stable or garage,

another had a T-Mobile FCC registration sign

the final one had a sign indicating that it was used by the Seattle Pacific University Landscape Department.

In the surrounding neighborhood, I saw an imaginative tree swing,

a chicken,

beautiful gardens, palm trees

and lovely streets and homes.

This neighborhood is home to Coe Elementary School and Play Park,

Seattle Church of Christ

and Queen Anne Lutheran Church.

It borders on Queen Anne Bowl Playfield (pictured in a prior post).

I saw lots people out gardening and families out near the school and play park.

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