Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Capitol Hill North and West of Volunteer Park (2)

Another bright, sunny, crisp day put me in the mood for a walk. I returned to the Volunteer Park neighborhood and walked a 5 mile route on the streets north and west of the park, returning to the park to climb the water tower.

Along the way, I took a staircase down E Boston Street and discovered a secluded neighborhood with great views.

Winding my way north and west,I passed by Seattle Prep High School and the Bertschi School.

Heading over towards I-5 and turning south, I came to Colonnade Park, a mountain biking park under the expressway.

Back at E Howe and Lakeview, I climbed a long staircase up to Broadway E. There were quite a few runners and stair-climbers out on this beautiful day, I suspect this is a popular workout spot.

Revisiting some beautiful, residential streets I had already walked, I came back to Volunteer Park where I read a plaque explaining that the park is named after the volunteers who fought in the Spanish American War.
I climbed the 107 steps up the circular staircase inside the water tower. I was rewarded with great views of Seattle and even saw Mount Rainier.

This was a hilly walk but very rewarding. This area a Capitol Hill is varied but, especially on this beautiful day, picturesque.


  1. What was climbing the water tower like?

  2. Climbing the water tower wasn't too hard or at all claustrophobic. The steps were neither too narrow nor too steep. There were plenty of windows at the top and the views are great on a clear day.