Friday, February 4, 2011

Northwest Wedgwood

A trip to the post office brought me back to Wedgwood to continue walking that neighborhood. I took a 6.7 mile walk along the streets between 27th Avenue NE and 35th Avenue NE from NE 85th to NE 95th Street.

With the exception of the lower left corner, these streets are laid out on a rectangular grid.

It wasn't raining but it was a damp, dreary day. That didn't prevent this neighborhood from showing off its greenery. This is a neighborhood of tall trees and lots of laurel hedges.

I spotted a few tree houses and many trees that had been severely pruned away from the overhead wires. This appears to be a neighborhood where home owners are doing everything possible to keep their trees and the pruners aren't too careful about the aesthetics of their results.

A few streets have sidewalks but most don't. Some homes, gardens and parking strips are very well tended and others are not. Some of the homes appear very small but there are quite a few new homes which appear to have replaced older ones. Very few homes were for sale. The lots are a good size and the streets are wide. There were quite a few puddles at the street edges.

I didn't meet too many people on my walk and there was little traffic except on 35th and 95th.

This area is home to a Fire Station, Wedgwood Elementary School, a few banks, apartment houses, two pubs, a dance studio, coffee shops, beauty salons, service stations and restaurants.

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