Thursday, February 17, 2011

Northwest Wedgwood

The northwestern edge of Wedgwood has seen a lot of development in the last few decades. Apartments, townhomes and condos have grown along the streets close to Ravenna Avenue NE. Streets further east, have seen the erection of large new homes, many very tastefully designed.

Today, my husband and I took a 3.8 mile walk along the streets between Ravenna and 27th Avenue NE from NE 90 to NE 95th Street plus all the streets around Wedgwood Elementary.

The neighborhood north and west of Wedgwood Elementary is manicured and has sidewalks. Most of the other areas do not have sidewalks

Some of the trees in this area have grown tall enough that City Light tree trimmers can cut the lower branches instead of disfiguring the tree tops.

Walking along Ravenna was dangerous in spots because there is neither a sidewalk nor a shoulder, just a drainage ditch. Lake City Way, which has a sidewalk, is so close in some of these areas that there is no reason to walk along Ravenna Avenue.

The area has a number of dead end streets many of which connect up to alleys or a stairway.

With the exception of the traffic along Ravenna and Lake City Way, this area is pretty quiet.

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