Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sand Point Country Club

This morning was crisp, bright and beautiful, a perfect day to walk through Sand Point Country Club in Northeast Seattle. My husband and I took a 3.5 mile walk along the residential streets of the country club.

We were treated to great views of the well manicured golf course, Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker and just about the whole Cascade Range.

We saw a few walkers and some tradesmen (working on a house addition) but no golfers.

This neighborhood has underground utilities but no sidewalks. That didn't keep the street edges from looking manicured though and I don't think we saw any cars parked on the streets (except for the trucks at the construction site).

Houses ranged from modest to grand but lots were small with what looked like tiny back yards. This looks to be a neighborhood which has seen a lot of home remodeling and additions.

Gardens were very well tended and the whole neighborhood looked prosperous.

The only downside to our walk was the speed bumps in the streets - my husband and I almost tripped a few times before we learned to slow down our pace and watch the ground a little better. This was hard to do because we didn't want to miss the great views.

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