Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today brought us back to Matthews Beach to start another walk. My husband and I walked south along Sand Point Way NE to Fairway Estates and walked up the hill to view these nicely situated condos.

Back down on Sand Point Way, we passed the Mountaineers Club building and climbing rock as we turned uphill again and took NE 77th Street up to a series of steep S curves and dead end streets which ended at 56th Place NE.

Coming back down the hill, we turned south just before reaching the Burke Gilman Trail and walked 58th Avenue NE to NE 70th Street.

We took 70th to Sand Point Way and walked north back past Fairway Estates and found an access road to the Burke Gilman Trail which we took back to Matthews Beach.

This 6 mile walk took us past some offices of Children's Hospital, the View Ridge Swim and Tennis Club, Sail Sand Point, NOAA, Magnuson Park and the old Sand Point barracks.

With the exception of Sand Point Way, the streets were very quiet. We did see a few other walkers on the streets but most of the people were on the Burke Gilman Trail. There were probably more bikers than walkers and the trail was pretty busy.

There are a number of upscale condo developments between the trail and Sand Point Way but the neighborhood west of the trail is probably exclusively single family homes.

As in other areas I've walked, the older homes are modest and the newer ones are large. There were a few homes for sale and their asking prices reflected the lake views and the tone of the neighborhood. Most views here include the NOAA installation in the foreground with Lake Washington and the Cascades in the background.

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