Friday, February 18, 2011

Eastern Wedgwood and Inverness Ravine

Today's 5.7 mile walk took my husband and me through neighborhoods bordering the Inverness Ravine.

We started our walk at the Burke Gilman Trail near Matthews Beach and walked up NE 92nd Street, a street my husband calls "the wiggley road."

A fairly steep climb up 92nd took us by houses built along the ravine amidst lots of tall trees.

This stretch of 92nd has no side walks or shoulders and is probably not the safest street to walk but the area is residential so doesn't have too much traffic (although we did have to step aside a few times to let cars pass).

There were a lot of dead end streets on this walk; some of the ones looking east had lovely views of Lake Washington and the Cascades.

Homes range from modest cape cods to large newer modern or craftsman-type homes.

Some streets have sidewalks, some don't. Very few have curbs but the street edges are, for the most part, neat.

Gardens will probably be lovely in the spring.

Sand Point Country Club and the ravine form the east border of this area.

The outdoor decorations of a few homes added a touch of whimsy to the neighborhood.

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