Friday, February 25, 2011

North View Ridge

It was cold but sunny today when my husband and I took a 6 mile walk through View Ridge.

This is a quiet residential neighborhood with sidewalks and carefully tended homes and gardens.

51st Avenue NE is the crest of a hill and streets to the east have underground utilities and offer views of Lake Washington and the Cascades. On this clear day, streets to the west had beautiful views of the Olympics.

We started out walking the streets between 45th and 55th Avenues from 70th to 75th Street. View Ridge Elementary School takes up so much of this area that we added streets just south of View Ridge Playfield between 43rd and 45th from 65th to 70th.

Some streets looked as if the homes were originally modest cape cods but many have been remodeled and enlarged.

Besides the school and playfield, this neighborhood is home to an Orthodox Jewish Mikvah, the

Sand Point Community United Methodist Church and a nicely landscaped Seattle Public Utility facility.

We saw a few young women pushing strollers, a few dog walkers and three young boys playing with a remote controlled car.

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