Friday, February 11, 2011

Cherry Hill and the Central District Pollinator Pathway

After reading about the Pollinator Pathway along E Columbia Street, my friend and I decided to walk along the pathway and learn more about this interesting idea. We walked 3.5 miles along Columbia, Marion, Cherry and some connecting streets.

We started and ended at Nora's Woods on 29th Avenue and walked as far as Seattle University.

The pathway appeared to be in an early stage and not too many plots had been planted this early in the growing season.

This area is home to many churches, the largest being Immaculate Conception Catholic Church whose former school is now Lake Washington Girls Middle School and a neighborhood pea patch is on the grounds too.

The Church of Christ in God Congregational, Lighthouse Temple Church of God in Christ, True Vine of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church and Cherry Hill Baptist Church were also along our walk and we spotted at least one other church a block over - I'll find out its name on a future walk.

We also passed Firehouse Mini Park and the laundry for Swedish Hospital.

This is a neighborhood of small lots and lovely older homes which seems to be undergoing a resurgence. There are sidewalks and a good number of (not too tall) trees. We saw a postman walking and making deliveries, students near SU, workers near Swedish and a few walkers.

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