Thursday, February 24, 2011

Eastern View Ridge and Radford Court

There was a dusting of snow on the ground and it was cold when my husband and I returned to the Sand Point area to fill in streets near the Burke Gilman Trail and Radford Court, a UW housing development.

We took a 4.4 mile walk through the streets from NE 65th to NE 70th between 55th Avenue NE and Sand Point Way NE plus NE 70th to NE 75th between 55th and 57th and the streets in Radford Court.

This is a hilly neighborhood with some steep drop-offs and views of Lake Washington. Utilities appear to be underground and many of the streets have sidewalks and curbs. Some of the sidewalks are so narrow that we wound up walking in the street.

Some of the streets look more like alleys that real streets and the Burke Gilman Trail runs through this neighborhood.

Seattle Children's has an office complex along Sand Point Way and the Parkpoint condo complex is next door to it at 65th and Sand Point Way.

With the exception of the traffic along Sand Point Way created by Children's and the UW (and maybe Magnuson Park and NOAA), this is a pretty quiet neighborhood.

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