Monday, February 7, 2011

Southwest Meadowbrook

Today's walk took me through a residential neighborhood bordered by businesses along Lake City Way and a social services center along 95th.

I took a 4.5 mile walk discovering dead ends and more sightings of Thornton Creek.

Today's walk was bounded by Ravenna Avenue NE and 35th Avenue NE from NE 95th to NE 100th Street.

This is an area with some older homes, some modest homes and some pretty new or renovated homes. Most are well kept, a few are not. Most gardens are well tended but parking strips are varied with some suffering from the late winter ruts and mud puddles I've noticed throughout the northern part of the city. There are a few condo complexes along Ravenna.

It was a damp day and the only people I saw were a dog walker, a gardner, someone walking from the bus and a friendly woman at her mailbox who asked if I were lost; I could see why she might think I was since I was on a dead end street.

This neighborhood has a liberal sprinkling of large trees and houses the Ryther Child Center and Childhaven complex.

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