Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Capitol Hill South and West of Volunteer Park (2)

I was back in Volunteer Park today for the last day of a great Seniors Making Art Class at the Conservatory so I took advantage of being on Capitol Hill to walk neighborhoods near the park. I filled in streets I had missed between I-5 and Federal Avenue E from E Roy to E Highland.

This is a mixed neighborhood, going from majestic older homes near the park to upscale condos to older apartments to commercial establishments.

Some of the newer condo developments fit in very well with the character of the neighborhood but there are spots where the mix of architecture is jarring with a turn-of-the-century home surrounded by a 60's building on one side and a totally modern building on the other.

There is one street on which five older homes are being knocked down to be replaced by a 58 unit, 6 story building. Just down the street, a corner store has been made to look quite upscale and even given a fancy name, Mercato Bellagio.

There were quite a few people walking through this neighborhood and even the light snow that started to fall couldn't reduce the impressiveness of some of the brick tudors and other architecturally pleasing homes.

I discovered a bike path running along I-5 between E Roy and Belmont Avenue E.

I was disoriented by all the variations of Belmont, Boylston, Bellevue and Broadway (street, avenue, court, place, etc.) and wished I had a more detailed map of this area.

The area is hilly, sloping away from the park.

I passed the Harvard Exit movie theater, the original Cornish School, two book stores, a few restaurants, lounges and coffee shops and the large playfield for Lowell Elementary.

There were views of the Space Needle from many streets and the northern streets have an impressive view of St. Mark's Cathedral.

I caught a glimpse of a play structure in a large green area behind a laurel hedge; I suspect this is part of St. Mark's Preschool.

This is a neighborhood with something for almost everyone and a nice place to walk.

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