Sunday, February 13, 2011

South Central Wedgwood

South Central Wedgwood is a quiet tidy neighborhood just east of 35th Avenue NE. Today, my husband and I took a 4.7 mile walk along these mostly-sidewalked streets.

The original homes were probably built in the 50's and included a number of Cape Cods. A good number of the homes appear to have been remodeled over the years. Some streets are nicely treed but a few have no tall trees at all. City Light tree trimmers seem to have done a much more artistic job when pruning the trees in this neighborhood than they did in areas I've walked further north.

35th Avenue NE is home to a post office, the Wegdwood Presbyterian Church, Hunter's Tree Farm lot, the Wedgwood Broiler, a QFC, a Bank of America branch, a few dental clinics and coffee shops, a hair salon and an Audubon Society Nature Shop.

We walked all of the streets from 35th to 41st between 77th and 85th plus a few bordering streets.

Thornton Creek Elementary School occupies a few city blocks from 40th to 43rd Avenues NE between NE 77th and 80th Streets. Wedgwood Estates Apartments border this area on the south.

I hope to return to this area in the late spring because I suspect that it might be a gardner's delight when flowers and shrubs are in bloom.

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