Saturday, February 12, 2011

Northwest Meadowbrook

Today's walk covered a lot of territory because much of the area is devoted to schools and the number of streets is limited. My husband and I walked about 5.9 miles along the streets between Lake City Way NE and 35th Avenue NE from Fischer Place NE to NE 115th Street.

This area is home to Nathan Hale High School, Jane Addams K-8 School and Meadowbrook Community Center, Pool, tennis courts and ball fields.

Thornton Creek runs through this neighborhood and helps determine its terrain. There are generous stands of trees and some of the lots looked to be quite large.

There are many dead ends and we could hear the traffic on Lake City Way from the nearby streets.

Lake City Way has numerous businesses and a few older homes which look to be deserted. I'll bet that they were scheduled to be replaced when the economy was better.

Apartments and condos are situated on or near Lake City Way.

On Fischer Place, we passed the old Lavilla Dairy building which is now home to a shutter shop.

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