Monday, February 21, 2011

Southwestern Windermere and Belvedere Terrace

Today's walk took my husband and me through two attached neighborhoods. We weren't sure where Windermere ended and Belvedere Terrace began. According to a real estate website I visited, Belvedere Terrace is a small 4 block by 5 block enclave within the Windermere neighborhood, it is a residential area just west of Sand Point Way from 56th Ave NE to 59th Ave NE and NE 56th to NE 60th.

We had walked most of Windermere on a prior walk so today's 4.1 mile walk finished off the streets in Windermere and included all of Belvedere Terrace where the homes are more modest, lots are smaller and views not as prevalent as in Windermere. There are also quite a few more cars parked on the streets. There is a newer townhome development along Sand Point Way at 58th Street.

When we came out to Sand Point Way NE, we saw the expanding complex of the Center for Spiritual Living across the street.

Along the way, we saw a tree house and an interesting sculpture which may or may not have been carved from a tree trunk.

Today was a holiday but we still spotted some contractors working on remodels and renovations, a dog walker (who was scooping) and a young bicyclist-in-training (i.e. with training wheels) accompanied by a parent viewing a hand-held device.


  1. Dear Seattle Walker ...
    I am working on a new real estate website that seeks to include photos from each of Seattle's 96 neighborhoods. (for a sample see:

    Yours is the best photo I have found showing Belvedere Terrace and I would like your permission to use the row of houses posted Feb. 21, 2011. You can let me know via e-mail at:
    Thank you in advance,
    Chris Fruitrich

  2. Hi Chris,

    You have my permission to use the photo - as far as I know, I retain ownership of anything I post and we won't need to notify Google (blogspot).