Wednesday, February 16, 2011

North Meadowbrook and South Lake City

The sun was out today so my husband and I decided to walk a neighborhood without sidewalks. We picked the area between Lake City Way and 35th Avenue NE from NE 115th to NE 125th Street. The major streets had sidewalks but those in between did not.

Our 5 mile walk took us through a really mixed area with some single family homes, some heavily treed lots, some apartment houses (large and small, new and older), businesses, lots of car dealerships, deep ravines and a branch of Thornton Creek running through it. We also passed a stormwater retention pond.

We stopped to read a Proposed Land Use Action sign just south of Claire's Pantry. It proposed knocking down three small houses and erecting a building with 145 residences and commercial space.

Along Lake City Way, my husband spotted a second hand store with some lawn mowers outside. We went inside Fletchers General Store and saw a nice selection of varied items. My husband returned to Fletchers after our walk and bought an unused push mower, saving himself $50 over the price on Amazon. Walking can really pay off!

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