Thursday, February 3, 2011

Northeast Wedgwood

My husband and I took a 3.3 mile walk through the Wedgwood neighborhood today. We walked the streets between 35th and 40th Avenues NE from NE 86th to NE 94th Street.

This neighborhood slopes gently going downhill from west to east towards Lake Washington which can be seen from a few of the streets.

There are shops along 35th Ave NE (including Morningside Market, the Fiddler's Inn, beauty parlors, Rite Aid, coffee shops, etc.) and a fire station.

The area is home to Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church and elementary school which occupy an entire block.

Thornton Creek runs through the neighborhood and there is a ravine on the eastern edge.

There are a few "streets" which look to have been plotted but never built so there are foot paths and green spaces instead. 35th Avenue and a few streets have sidewalks.

This is a quiet area where older homes are being replaced with larger ones; it looked as if some lots had been divided. There are some apartment houses along 35th.

Also on 35th, there is an old building for sale (it had been a supermarket and a Jewish Community Center); the sign indicates that the lot is zoned for an 85 unit building with retail space.

This appears to be a quiet family area and the effort to improve the look of a traffic island might be a hint as to the character of the neighborhood.

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