Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Capitol Hill North and West of Volunteer Park

Today was a fill-in day in north Capitol Hill; I walked 4.5 miles filling in the streets I had missed last week when I started walking this neighborhood.

I parked at Volunteer Park and walked north and west then wound my way back to a footpath on E Galer Street just east of Federal Avenue E which took me into the park where I saw some amazing trees.

This was a neighborhood where it was hard to tell if I were walking on a street or in an alley; either way, it was a pleasant walk through a well-tended neighborhood with sidewalks - no mud puddles today! I did notice the traffic noise from I-5 though.

10th Avenue E is the home to two pizza palors, a nail store, a dry cleaners, a pub and a pilates studio.

11th Avenue E just south of E Boston Street is paved with bricks.

I saw two postmen delivering mail but both walked back to parked vehicles.

The curve at E Boston and 12th can be a dangerous spot for pedestrians; cars come around that curve pretty quickly.

This area has some pretty impressive hedges and the western edge has nice views of Lake Union.

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