Monday, January 31, 2011

Green Lake near Latona

The weather was beautiful as my friend and I took a 6 mile walk near Green Lake. We walked all the streets from N 60th Street to N 65th Street from Latona Avenue N to Green Lake.

This is a tidy neighborhood with sidewalks, a few shops (including the Latona Pub where the food is excellent) and some nice views of Green Lake.

We started our walk at Green Lake Elementary and looked at the garden along 65th Street.

We passed by a beautiful church On East Green Lake Way N, the Green Lake Seventh Day Adventist Church.

We ended our walk near the Green Lake Methodist Church, noting its distinctive architecture.

There is a certain amount of whimsey in this neighborhood;
we saw a vegetable garden with a chicken coop,
a parking strip decorated with a pyramid-like sculpture and a "castle for rent" sign.

January was a month full of pleasant discoveries on every walk and this last walk of the month was no exception.

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