Sunday, January 2, 2011

Northwest Broadview

The weather today was sunny, cold, crisp and clear; a perfect day to walk a neighborhood with views of Puget Sound. My husband and I went to the northern limits of Seattle and walked the winding, hilly streets of northwest Broadview. It was like walking in the country but with the reward of Sound views. This is a sparsely populated neighborhood with large lots, many tall trees, ravines and spectacular views. Houses are hidden in the vegetation and cars are parked well off the streets. Utilities are underground.

We did meet a few walkers (a man out walking hills and a young family of five with two dogs) and probably saw two cars drive by during our approximately 4.6 mile walk along NW Elford Drive, Northwood Road NW, NW Culbertson Drive and Sherwood Road NW. (All accessible from 8th Avenue NW near NW 137th Street.)

On NW Northwood Road, we saw a sign indicating that we were entering Llandover by the Sound. At the north end of Sherwood Road NW, we came to Llandover Woods, a public area managed by the Seattle Parks Department. There were visual rewards at every turn on this walk.

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