Friday, January 7, 2011

Meadowbrook and Little Brook Natural Area

It was more than drizzling but less than really raining when my husband and I walked through the Little Brook Natural Area in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of Northeast Seattle. Our 5 mile walk took us along the streets between 35th and 40th Avenues NE from NE 110th to 125th Street.

We had expected to be walking in a quiet, residential area with mostly modest homes, interspersed with a few small brooks. We were delighted to come across what the sign told us was "Another Future Healthy Forest Site" right in the middle of the neighborhood. We were walking along 36th Avenue NE just north of 115th Street when we noticed the sign and detoured off the street into a forested area with a wildflower garden. I hope to return in the spring, summer and fall to observe the wildflowers in bloom.

Littlebrook (which runs into Meadowbrook Pond) dominated the western portion of this area. The brook was pretty high and we could hear it gurgling as we walked.
As we walked the east side of 35th Avenue, we were treated to more views of the brook.

During our walk, we passed Lake City Presbyterian Church and came close to Jane Addams Elementary School. This was a rewarding rainy day walk.

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